Decrease collateral factor for low cap assets

In order to increase the security of the protocol, I propose to reduce the collateral factor for all assets with a small capitalization. During times of strong corrections, these assets fall too much, which provokes the creation of uncollateralized loans. I propose to do this gradually, with a step of 5% in 1 propose, so as not to cause liquidation of borrowers using these assets as collateral.

In first proposal:
Zenfuse: 50% → 45%
INFI: 30% → 25%
Polka City: 30% → 25%
ACXT: 30% → 25%
Mint: 40% → 35%


I totally agree, nice one!

would be nice to increase collateral of defipie from 50% to 75% now we all know defipie is a stablecoin we could increase collateral factor of defipie