Increase APY farming for PIE

I propose to increase the reward for PIE farming to 30% for deposit and -60% for borrow.

Hey maksim thanks for the proposal but i would like to claryfy some points :

  1. will this reward be fix? No more or less reward?

  2. i would like to keep the algorithm calculate the reward between apr and apy but always dubbel this calculation

Keep me in touch of the possibilities

No. The actual reward depends on next parameters:

  1. Utilization rate of pools included in the distribution program
  2. Amount tokens in pools included in the distribution program
  3. Asset prices including in the distribution program.

We can change parameter pieRate for get expected APY. We have API for calculate APY by pieRate. You can try it:
During this proposal I offer to increase pieRate to 125000000000000000

So 30 and -60% are a minimum rate? Not a maximum rate? It will be at least 30 and -60%?

Approximate. Maybe a little bit more or less

I want more like algorithm calculate the rate and we dubbel that rate thats what i want… i want that the algorithm goes higher than 30 and -60% if it want to